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We help you find, evaluate, and hire top developers in Latin America. Work with us as long as you need to ensure you find the right developer, with the option to hire directly. Our proven vetting process ensures that our engineers have the right mix of technical and soft skills to make your projects successful.


Work with top talent through Blue Coding that integrate seamlessly into your team. All the benefits of hiring in-house without a complicated recruitment process. Our developers are carefully vetted to ensure they’re the right technical and cultural fit for your team.

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Outsource your recruitment process and we’ll find the right developer for your needs. Our contract-to-hire model allows you to work with our developers on a staffing basis for as long as you’d like before hiring them directly. Get to know the developer’s work and cultural fit before committing for the long term.

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Our clients

Blue Coding has done a phenomenal job helping us grow our teams and expand our business. They are consistent, thorough, and have deep expertise in software development, which has made our talent recruiting top notch. The service they provide has allowed itr8group to be a lot more flexible in responding to customer needs.”

- Rory Laitila, Founder at itr8group.

Why hire with Blue Coding?

Collaborate in real time: our developers are located between Eastern and Pacific time zones. They work when you work and participate in critical calls and meetings, so they seamlessly integrate into your team.

English proficiency: our vetting process involves an assessment of developers’ spoken and written English to make sure they’re able to jump right in on your projects and participate in all communication.

Work culture fit: our developers work extensively with North American companies and are familiar with Agile methodologies and other best practices, allowing them to adapt to your work style and avoid many common pitfalls in software development.

Lower cost: offshoring your software development enables you to keep costs low without sacrificing the quality of your product. With significantly lower rates than North America, you can outsource your software development to Latin America with the peace of mind that you’re getting an excellent product for a fraction of the cost.

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