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23 Sep 2022

How To Lead A More Productive Development Team In 2022

Productivity is an issue that has taken everybody’s minds in recent years, ever since the COVID-19 pandemic caused us to reflect upon our relationship with it. Now, if you’re working with a remote development team, productivity might pose a challenge for you. Whether a not-so-efficient team dynamic is affecting the deployment of your software projects or is just lowering the quality of the work, you might be wondering how to lead a more productive development team in 2022. 

Lucky for you, we have years of experience working with remote developers at Blue Coding and have a few tips and tricks to supercharge your team’s productivity. Keep reading to learn how to make a remote team more productive!

How To Lead A More Productive Development Team In 2022

1. Set actionable goals. 

Productivity starts with planning. If you want your team to complete projects and other daily miscellaneous tasks more efficiently, then you need to plan ahead. Setting actionable goals will give your development team something specific to work towards, rather than just going through the motions or getting overwhelmed by the magnitude of a certain project. 

One way to set actionable goals for your development team is to ensure every objective fulfills the SMART criteria. Smart goals are Specific (What exactly will your team be trying to achieve?), Measurable (How will they know when they have reached this goal?), Attainable (Is it possible for your developers to achieve said goal?), Relevant (Does this goal contribute to your team’s core functionality within the company? Does it increase revenue in the long-term?), and Time-bound (When will this goal need to be achieved by your development team?). Once you start introducing SMART objectives to your development team, you’ll notice they will be able to complete projects more efficiently, increasing productivity over time. 

2. Be strategic about low-code and no-code solutions. 

We understand that low-code and no-code solutions can seem like an easy way to increase productivity at first. Still, if you have a team of full-time developers and you’re mostly giving them low-code assignments, the work might get done quickly but still need lots of improvements in the near future. Productivity does not equal how quickly you can do it, instead, it has to do with finding the best way to achieve something in the least amount of time. Keep an eye on how you use low-code solutions and implement the strategy that it’s best for the team and company long-term instead of prioritizing short-term rapidness. 

3. Facilitate the right platforms and tech tools for your team.

Development teams thrive when they have the right tools to work with. Instead, when they don’t, their work can become unproductive since they’re wasting time trying to replace the technologies they lack to perform certain tasks. From tools specific to a particular tech stack to Agile project management software, ensure your team has everything they need to develop new applications in a timely manner. And don’t forget about security tools, as faulty security poses one of the biggest staff augmentation problems

4. Figure out which delivery mode is best for your team.

There are different methodologies for your team to adapt, and this choice will have a direct impact on your ability to build a more productive development team in 2022. There are three main delivery approaches, this is how you deploy the final software product, that you can choose from. The first one is Waterfall, which is the oldest model and has a cascading approach to delivery. The second one is Agile development, a popular model where cross-functional teams are pulled together for faster iterations. Finally, the third option consists of DevOps, a model that spawns from Agile but focuses on continuous delivery. 

5. Create opportunities for feedback and code peer reviews. 

Though some developers might feel intimidated by code peer reviews, this practice will actually not only serve as a team-building activity but also as a way for your employees to become a more productive development team. Regular feedback and code peer reviews maintain a consistent coding style across the company while teaching and sharing knowledge that can result in a spike in productivity for the entire team. 

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